Smile Brillant – Teeth Whitening GIVEAWAY

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No one wants yellow teeth. Lets be real…You see some hot guy, he smiles, his teeth are super yellow & it takes the hotness level dooooown. You know you agree! Anyway, guess what!? I have a super awesome giveaway for you that is worth some $$$. Custom whitening trays from the dentist are amazing but why go to the dentist when you could do the tray impressions in your own home?! This brand use to be available in the dentist office for over $500 but now this kit from Smile Brilliant allows you to do your own custom impressions wherever, whenever. Your kit will come with super easy to understand instructions on how to do it. Once, you make your impressions you ship them off to the lab & they quickly mail you back your custom trays! Then you can start your teeth whitening process. They give you whitening gel & they give you de sensitizing gel, which is amazing for those who have sensitive teeth & can be used after to re-hydrate your teeth.
It’s a dream!

You can purchase this teeth whitening kit right here & use Hayhush as a code for 5% Off

You can enter the GIVEAWAY right here for a chance to win a free kit! ( Yay! ) U.S only


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