My Favorite Mask

I’m now reaching my mid 20’s so, I have been extremely picky with what skin care I use on my face. Anti aging products are my jam these days because i’m not about looking 50 when I’m 40 ;). Masks are a must to use at least once a week. I feel like a lot of us forget & don’t think about a mask. If you can find the time at night to use one it will be SO beneficial. This mask I’m featuring today is not only fun to use it really shows results. This Lucca Blu mask is a sheet mask. So, it comes out as a wet towel that you lay & press on your face & leave there for about 20 minutes. You are left with the best glow & your skin feels firmer & radiant. Give it a try! It is a great product.

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Photos { Arielle Levy }

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