Top Five Pink Toned Mac Lipsticks

Mac lipsticks are my favorite formula ever & as a bonus they have a soft sweet vanilla scent. No one wants that classic “Grandma’s lipstick” smell or taste on their lips… You all know what I am talking about! Mac lipsticks are broken up into different finishes/textures . AMPLIFIED CREME, AMPLIFIED, FROST, GLAZE, LUSTRE, MATTE, SATIN, CREAMSHEEN, & CREAMSHEEN PEARL. All of which pretty much describe themselves. You can locate the finish on the bottom of the lipstick tube. Here are my top 5 fav pink toned lippies!

Mac lipsticks

Lipticks from top right down to bottom left.

Side note: I applied foundation over top on my lips for the most true color.

MAC – Syrup (Luster)

MAC – Snob (Satin)

MAC – Pink Nouveau (Satin)

MAC – Impassioned (Amplified)

MAC- Rebel (Satin)