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Today is all about CONTOUR.

Now, most of us know what contouring is & how it makes us feel about 10 times prettier (I can’t be the only one) and most of us have seen those odd photos floating around social media of girls with war paint all over their face. Well, ladies here is my war paint. I really am a huge believer in BLENDED contouring. I don’t like sharp lines & when I tried out this contour kit from MASKCARA COSMETICS I just about died. I was so excited to share it with all my followers. It makes contouring SO fast & simple. A huge thing I’ve learned while doing make up on clients & myself is that cream contouring is the most goof proof way to do it. Powders can look muddy & obvious. Creams really melt into the skin with the most natural, glowing finish. So, if you want to know how I personally like to contour keep on reading.

{Colors I use in this tutorial are Sunlit, Stone, Pink Grapefruit & Pearl}

{Step one}
Exfoliate & moisturize your face. DO NOT think this step isn’t necessary. It’s so important to have a nice healthy looking base.

{Step two}
Apply a light amount of foundation (this step is optional with the HAC kit). I personally like a little more coverage so, I do apply small amount of my favorite foundation. This contour kit I’m using DOES have coverage so you don’t need to apply a foundation first if you don’t feel like you need it 🙂

{Step three}
Now comes the good stuff! Grab your cream contour kit. Dip into the high light shade (the light colored cream) & apply to the areas of the face you want to pull forward. Which are almost always under the eyes, cheek bones, under the hollow of your cheeks, middle of chin, bridge of the nose or all over the nose & middle of the forehead. (This is pictured below)

{Step Four}
Dip into your contour shade (the darkest color cream). Now, we are going to apply this to the areas we want to recede. These areas are typically the edges of the forehead, down the sides of the nose, along the jawline & under the cheek bones. With the cheek bone contour you will notice in my photo below that I don’t take the contour down to the mouth like most do. I think it actually makes the face look fuller. If you really want to slim your face take that color under the cheek bone & before you get to your ” smile lines ” dip that color down. Almost creating a nutcracker jaw shape. I know that sounds so strange but trust me. Your face will look MUCH thinner once it’s all blended. It’s life changing really. (This is pictured below)

{Step 5}
Take your blush color & tap it onto the apples of your cheeks & whatever is excess tap onto your lips. Why? Because why not.

{Step 6}
Were almost done! This is probably my FAV step. Add the glow! Take your shimmer shade & apply to the tip of the nose, tops of cheekbones & cupids bow (above the top lip).

{Step seven}
Now you are all sculpted & glowy.

*To some of you this may sound like a lot of steps but it really isn’t! 5 minutes tops & it’s the best 5 minutes you’ll spend on yourself*

Go purchase this kit! You’ll thank me.




“No make-up” make-up

Oh I just woke up like this … Nope nuh uh. That’s never the case. This look is so simple & clean. When people look at you they will see you, not your make-up. It’s great for everyday & for those of you who don’t like to look “Make-upy”. One of my favorite tricks is just to use lip pencil & lip balm for a natural finish on the lips (as seen here)! This is my personal daily look so I thought I would share it with all of you! Yay for natural beauty! xo

Natural duo

Brows: MAC Shadow – Charcoal Brown

Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion – Orignal

Lid: TooFaced – Silk Teddy

Crease: MAC Shadow – Nameless similar here (use a light hand when applying product)

Brow bone: Toofaced – Heaven

Mascara: Maybelline – Great lash

Lashes: Ardell – Accent lashes (My fav!!) #305


Foundation: Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour(A light amount)

Concealer: NYX HD

Bronzer: ELF Studio – ( Apply where the sun would naturally hit)

Blush: Costal scents 10 blush palette (I used the bottom left peach shade)

Highlighter: Lorac – Tahitian Sands (Tops of cheek bones, center of four head, & bridge of nose)


Apply any lip balm

Lip Pencil: MAC – Boldly Bare

Top Five Pink Toned Mac Lipsticks

Mac lipsticks are my favorite formula ever & as a bonus they have a soft sweet vanilla scent. No one wants that classic “Grandma’s lipstick” smell or taste on their lips… You all know what I am talking about! Mac lipsticks are broken up into different finishes/textures . AMPLIFIED CREME, AMPLIFIED, FROST, GLAZE, LUSTRE, MATTE, SATIN, CREAMSHEEN, & CREAMSHEEN PEARL. All of which pretty much describe themselves. You can locate the finish on the bottom of the lipstick tube. Here are my top 5 fav pink toned lippies!

Mac lipsticks

Lipticks from top right down to bottom left.

Side note: I applied foundation over top on my lips for the most true color.

MAC – Syrup (Luster)

MAC – Snob (Satin)

MAC – Pink Nouveau (Satin)

MAC – Impassioned (Amplified)

MAC- Rebel (Satin)

Sweet & Sexy Valentines Make-up

Story time! This is a collaboration with one of the sweetest fashion/beauty bloggers out there! The Girl In The Yellow Dress, otherwise known as LaTisha & one hot mama. I reached out to her in hopes she could give me some advice on starting my blog. Thinking she wouldn’t respond, I was surprised when she did! After many dropped phone calls, (due to the worst phone service in all of America), she gave me so many tips & some great words of encouragement & even said, “we should do a post together sometime”. Well it’s finally here! I’m so excited to do this fun Valentines Make-up Post with her & I really couldn’t be any happier.

The run down of these make-up looks is this; Sweet (me) Sexy (her) whether you have a casual day time date or a fancy pants night out, one of these looks is perfect for you! Yay, Valentines day! I love, LOVE!

For LaTishas look go here & follow her!

Vday 4!Vday 3 !photo-26Vday 1 !

|Sweet Look|


Brows: Mac- Charcoal Brown

Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion

Lids: Toofaced Shadow – Heaven

Crease: Mac – Nameless shadow from a duo collection. Similar here

Brow bone: NYX Shadow- nude (not available) Similar here

Liner: Winged with Inglot- #77

Lower water line: Rimmel Scandal Eyes –Nude

Lower lash line: Small amount on just the outer half using Mac –Charcoal Brown

Inner tear duct: Benefit – Watts Up

Mascara: Maybelline – Great lash

False Lashes: House Of Lashes –Pixi Luxe (These are so gorgeous)


Foundation: Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour

Concealer: NYX HD Under eyes & bridge of nose

Bronzer: Lorac –Tantalizer

Blush: E.L.F – Pink passion (Their blushes are soooo good for the cost)

Highlighter: Smashbox Soft Lights – Shimmer on the top of my cheek bones, middle of four head, cupids bow, bridge of nose… Pretty much everywhere I could without looking like a disco ball .


Mac- Cream cup ( The most perfect baby doll pink )

Tag me on Instagram if you recreate either of these looks ! @Haystay #hayhush


And again for LaTishas Sexy look go HERE !

Wearable Grunge

Grunge make -up can be very sexy or very scary. You have to be careful not to make yourself look like you’ve been up for 48 hours or punched by some girl you knew in high school that hated you . Grunge make up is basically the same color or tones around the eye with little lashes not a ton of liner or a ton of color on the face . It’s all about the shadow ! Here I have created a look thats pretty much fool proof & will give you the same smudgey affect without the mess! The only mess we want is a hot mess 😉
Wearable Grunge Make-up



Brows: Mac –Charcoal Brown

Lid: Flower beauty- Cream Shadow  –Cocoa Camelia

lid, crease & lower lash line: Inglot Shadow-52 Amc Shine 

Brown bone: Lorac Shadow- White

Liner: I rimmed the upper & lower water line with Rimmel Scandal Eyes Liner –Brown

Lashes: Benefit –They’re real– Along with a few Kiss individual lashes on the outer corners



Foundation: Make Up Forever HD

Concealer : I mixed Maybelline –Fit Me & Sonia Kashuk –All Covered Up concealer for under the eyes

Bronzer: I used  Lorac –Tantalizer on the Hair line and cheeks & nose (where the sun naturally hits)

Blush: Laura Mercia –Lush Nectarine

Highlighter:  E.L.F -Shimmer Whip ( Very small amount )- Pink Lemonade on the cheeks bones , cupids bow & center of the four head



Lipstick: MAC- Honey Love

Lipgloss: Ulta- #13