Sequins & Satin

Tis The Season of Sequins & Satin.

Why, is it that us as women are attracted to anything that shines!? It’s a sickness I tell you BUT it’s a sickness I ain’t goin to the doctor for… Haha.

How gorgeous is this satin turban? Remember a few posts back when I told you I have a new love for them? Yeah, I wasn’t messin around. This turban is PERFECT for the holiday season! I love pairing it with a little more satin with my top & then these jewels for pants! Do yourself a favor & get SOMETHING sequin.

Oh, by the way.. You’ll be seeing more sequins in the next few weeks 😉 Don’t be mad about it.

XoXo Hay

Photography – Shillawna







Turban: Mandy Tangerine

Top: H&M – Similar here

Leggings: Perle Market

Heels: Macy’s – Similar here

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