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First off, let me say, I’m not a professional in the fitness field. I have gathered knowledge from professionals & those who know a lot about fitness!

Lets talk fitness myths! “Heavy Lifting will make me big”. Nope. Wrong. Get it out of you head from this moment forward ladies!

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Heavy lifting will not make you big. It will however, make you strong & defined . Lifting heavy burns calories. Just as many calories as cardio.

So, now some of you make ask well “Why do I see men in the gym lifting heavy weight & they are huge”? It’s simple. Men are built very differently from us women. Their anatomy & hormones (mainly testosterone) are completely different & react completely different than women. Also, many men are on strong supplements or even steroids.

So how do women get “BIG”? The answer is simple. They have been doing it for YEARS & could very well be on steroids & or intense supplements. Women don’t just get big naturally! Lifting heavy will keep your muscles strong & even your bones!

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OKAY. Lets us get into what I personally like to do in the gym. I do this routine about 5 times a week.

I typically start off doing about 40 minutes of straight cardio. Usually the treadmill. I walk at a high speed on FULL incline for about 15 minutes then drop down my incline & start into run for about 20 minutes. Then walk it out for the last 5 minutes. I do this EVERY work out. Along with a muscle group. Such as upper body or lower body.

Now, I usually go to abs next. I do, train abs every work out. They heal much faster than any other muscle so, it’s good to work them everyday. They are an important muscle! I like to work my obliques & lower abs the most. For my obliques I use “The roman chair” which looks like this
I lay on my sides & bend towards the ground & come back up while keeping my abs flexed. I do 2 sets of 30 on each side then one set of 15 on each side holding a kettle bell in my hand. Then I will lay flat with my heels pointed upward & bend my upper body towards the ground. I do this for about 30 reps & sometimes I will do another 30 holding a kettle bell weight. That works the lower back but is technically still part of your core. Next I like to use “The ab stand” which looks like this ab stand I hold up my body & bring my knees to my chest for 30 reps then, I do another 30 reps keeping my legs straight & lifting until my body makes an “L” shape.

Side note: When working out abs always start with the least developed muscle first! Which is typically obliques. Then lower. Then upper.

That is what I do for abs on a daily basis. Sometimes I do more depending on time & how I’m feeling that day!

Now for legs! After my cardio & abs for the day I will start off with some sort of “Leg press machine” which looks something like this. leg press
I do 2 sets of 15 or I will do 3 sets of 10. If I want to do heavier weight than that I will do 4 sets of 8. I follow whichever rep pattern i’m doing that day with every machine use. Next, I move to ” Leg extensions” & “leg curls”. Those machines look like this. leg curl leg lift
Then, I move to “The Kick Back Machine” GLUTE
You will typically do less weight on these machines because they usually have tension which is more difficult.

Upper body! I like to start off on bench press. bench press(When I, do upper body I always do it when I’m with my fiancé so he can be there as a spot) Just like legs I, will choose my rep pattern for the day. Then, I will do some free weight exercises; Like Arnold’s & biceps curls. Then, I will move back to machines & do cables for triceps.
Then, I will do my back on cables as well.

There you have it babes! This is my go to work out for the gym. It’s ALWAYS changing. I use different machines to switch it up but this is my general work out these days 🙂 If you have any questions PLEASE ask
XO Hay

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