Favorite Nail Polish Colors For Spring & Summer

My Fiancé & I went to target last night. I was in desperate need of eye contact solution. He was kind enough to drop me off at the front of store, because it was pretty cold. I was in shorts (California’s weather has been all over the place). So, I walked in thinking “Contact Solution, Contact Solution, Contact Solution”… & before I knew it, I found myself in front of the Essie nail polish section. The best part is I turn around five seconds later & Taylor (my fiancé) knew right where to find me! What the heck!? It turns out I’m pretty predictable! I think it’s safe to say Essie is my favorite nail polish…No really, it’s an actual addiction.

essie polish
Light Grey: Chinchilly

Light Peach: A Crewed Interest

Milky White Pink: Ballet Slippers

Cobalt Blue: Butler Please

Turquoise: Turquoise & Caicos

Purple: Play Date

Orange: Orange It’s Obvious

Bright pink: Cute As A Button

Milky White Purple: Go Ginza

Green: Navigate Her

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